Arkansas Father Requests Prayers for Sick Son

Percy Hayes, 6, has a rare form of cancer.
HOUSTON, TX -- A young boy with family ties in Arkansas is battling for his life in a Houston hospital.

Percy Hayes, 6, has a rare form of cancer.

His father, Tom Hayes, is from Hope, but their family moved from England to Texas for treatment at M.D. Anderson Hospital.

As Percy's condition worsened, his dad is now taking a different approach to ask for the public's help.

He rented a billboard on Interstate 45 between Galveston and Houston.

On the sign next to a photo of Percy, he wrote a simple but powerful message:

"Please pray for Percy, age 6-cancer."

"He can't swallow anything, one of the tumors is pressing on his stomach. It's awful, just absolutely terrible," Hayes says. "I'd trade places with him immediately if I could, if someone has to die it should be me. I'll go tonight, I'll go now just spare him."

Hayes spends nearly every hour of the day next to his son's hospital bed, reading some of the 6-year-old's favorite books.

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