Blind Man Hit by Car Says Dog Saved His Life

Blind Man Hit by Car Says Dog Saved His Life

Robert Thompson says service dog stayed with him until help arrived.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A blind Little Rock man says his service dog saved his life.

Robert Thompson and his dog, Lenny, enjoy doing things together.

"We go to the donut shop," Thompson said.

He says they also like going to Kroger at Markham and Rodney Parham. But in December, the walk to the store became frightening.

Little Rock police say a driver hit Thompson near the intersection and left him there without stopping.

Although he was unable to move, Thompson says Lenny signaled for help.

"He stayed right with me, and that's how everyone found me because of him going back and forth," Thompson said. "If he had left me, I probably would have been hit again. I'm so grateful to be alive at this point."

Little Rock police have not made an arrest in this case, but Thompson says he's not angry with the person who hit him and kept going.

"I don't think about that much. I'm thankful to be alive," he said.

The 63-year-old has broken ribs and as for his right arm, doctors had to reconstruct it.

"I feel like I'm at the end of the tunnel now. I can see the end of the rainbow."

Thompson says he is grateful to the staff at Baptist Health because they have provided excellent care.

A helping hand fund is set up for Robert and his wife, who is also blind. It is located at Iberia Bank, 10901 Rodney Parham Road in Little Rock.
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