Cabot Homeowners Disappointed in Planning Commission's Decision

The Planning Commission approved to rezone six acres for a new development of 42 homes.
CABOT, AR -- A group of Cabot homeowners lost a battle to stop a new development from coming to their area, leaving many to fear that the new construction will ruin their property values.

Residents in the Glenwood Estates neighborhood say they moved there for peace, quiet and space, and on Tuesday night, the Planning Commission approved to rezone six acres for a new development of 42 homes.

Current homeowners are upset with the plan, saying the homes will be cramped and change the makeup of their community.

They packed into the Planning Commission meeting, hoping to show strength in numbers.

People who have lived there for decades listed concerns over increased traffic, congestion and years of noisy construction.

But despite their efforts and petition, the board approved the rezone.

"Honestly, it's quite disheartening," homeowner Billy McCarroll said. "You feel like they did listen to our concerns, but we don't think they voted with their heart to be quite honest."

The engineer says the developer is willing to make some concessions, agreeing to build an 8-foot fence and help with road maintenance.

Despite Tuesday night's decision, neighbors say they're not giving up. The City Council has to approve the Planning Commission's vote, leaving neighbors hopeful they have one more chance to shoot down the project.

While the decision is difficult for homeowners to understand, the city has grown by 2,000 people in two years, and city leaders say it will ultimately be good for Cabot.

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