Capital Murder Charge for 15 Year-Old Boy, Victim's Mother Speaks

Police say suspect turned himself in to investigators.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Tammie Hunt is looking to her family for comfort after her son was shot and killed two days before Christmas.

Little Rock police made an arrest Friday.

"I'm just hoping all the killing just stop," Hunt said.

Investigators found Verico Ingram dead at the 15th Street and Abigail intersection. Hunt says she didn't want to believe police when they told her what happened.

"They asked me to name all of my children first, and I knew something wrong," she said.

Little Rock police believe 15-year-old Kaylon Robinson is the killer, charging him Friday with capital murder.

Police say a second suspect is involved, but that person has not been identified.

"Stop the violence. Stop the killing. It's hurting everybody," Hunt pleaded.

Hunt says what happened to her oldest boy isn't right.

"I love and miss my son, and I don't to wish this on no one else," she said.
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