Central Arkansas School Districts Close

The three big school districts cancel classes on Friday
Little Rock, AR - Thursday afternoon three school districts made a call to cancel Friday's classes.  The Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Pulaski County Special School Districts agreed to not bring students to school with expected winter weather on the way. 

Dr. Dexter Suggs, Superintendent for the LRSD, said, "Its important that we are all on the same page when we have to make decisions of this magnitude that effect not only the city but also of our kids in Pulaski County."

"We live in a very hilly area, we have some roads that are like one big roller coaster, and to have a bus try to make it up those hills, or to have kids, or to have your staff try to travel in those conditions, we felt that it was not worth it."

It was a popular decision for students.

Claudia Parekh said, "I was like no homework, I'm feeling happy right now, actually."

Kaylee Tyler agreed, "I'm happy because I don't like school."

Many of these teens have high hopes for winter weather.

Brandon Parekh said, "I'm going to make snowmen, and throw a big snowball at my sister named Claudy."

But Kenneth Gooden said he will simply stay indoors, "Drink some hot chocolate and go in the house and chill, and play my game."

The three districts will get together again on Sunday and make a decision on Monday's classes. 
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