Christmas Night House Fire Destroys Home, Injures 1

We have the story on a daring rescue to save a woman while a Christmas night fire consumed and destroyed her home.
A fire destroyed this home and everything inside in Atkins Christmas night.
A fire destroyed this home and everything inside in Atkins Christmas night.
ATKINS, AR - Jessica Pruitt was on her way home from Christmas dinner when she saw flames engulfing a home and a nine-year-old boy standing alone on the driveway.

"He said help my mom, help my mom," Pruitt remembered. "And all I heard was 'Oh God' over by the door and there was flames coming out the top of the door and the window's were shattering."

Pruitt raced to the front porch where she found the nine-year-old's mother after she had fallen trying to get out.

The flames were raging at her back and Pruitt could tell the woman already had burned skin on her face and hands.

"Once I seen that little boy in the driveway, I thought of my own child and I have three little boys," she said about finding the courage to help. "It was just like 'Oh no.' and when I seen her it was all I could think of to get her away, get her away, get her away."

The woman was sent to the hospital for treatment of second degree burns. We haven't heard the exact cause of the fire but the family seems to think it started in the kitchen.

Some in the community of Atkins have already started to help. We were there when the young boy received a new pair of donated shoes because he'd been barefoot since Christmas night.

If you're interested in helping, the family asks you call 479-641-2022.
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