Conway Woman Gets Behind The Scenes Look At American Idol

A local woman is going to Los Angeles for American Idol Hollywood Week.
CONWAY, AR -- American Idol is getting ready to premiere season 13 next month and a Conway woman is going to get an exclusive behind the scenes look!

Kellie Mcanulty is packing her bags and heading to Hollywood.

She leaves Tuesday.

The folks over at Idol handpicked a small group of fans to join them for Hollywood week.

Kellie says she'll get to watch contestants and possibly meet the judges on her all-expense paid trip.

She said, "Just the overall experience, I've never been to California so I'm anxious for that and if we get to meet the judges, that will be great."

Some of the other fan winners started a Facebook and Twitter page called Idol Tweethearts, click here to follow them on Facebook.

Click here to follow them on Twitter.

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