Craigslist Scam Lures Job Seekers into Fraud Scheme

A man explains how he and his wife were scammed into working as couriers and using fraudulent checks for a con artist.
LITTLE ROCK, AR--A bogus business is setting up shop in Central Arkansas, scamming people into fake jobs.

In this fox 16 crime alert police are investigating a bizarre hiring scheme using Craigslist to lure unassuming people into criminal activity by mistake.

"Wonderful job opportunity," John Wilson says, describing his thoughts on job posting on Craigslist.

"It was $14 an hour who wouldn't jump at that," he says.

Wilson says he went to the Regions building in downtown Little Rock to interview for a courier position. He and his fiancé were hired and given packets that included checks with their names and the building address on them Monday.

"I called this number and make sure everything is okay," Wilson says of the checks.

After looking through what appeared to be typical tax and payment forms, their new boss told them to drive around the area getting quotes from local businesses. The last stop was to a Maumelle post office where his fiancé was told to buy 10,000 stamps using the checks.

"This is our job, this is what we've been asked to do by our boss. We may have had questions, but they put our questions at ease," says Wilson.

After delivering the stamps to their boss, they became suspicious and started making more calls.

Wilson says, "The bank tells her they have never gone by Farmers Community Bank and that number was not theirs. We're simple people trying to make a living the best we can in the economy and we've been scammed."

Their next calls were to police.

"My biggest concern is that my fiancé is charged for something she was not aware of," he says.

As they fight to expose the scam, they're hoping to help catch the scam artists and help others avoid becoming the next victim.

"It's not right to treat people this way especially when you've got the holidays right around the corner, you're preying on people," Wilson says.

The victims say their fake boss' name was Tucker Hall and the ad asked them to call a man named Mark Casey.

The Regions property manager says the employer was renting a virtual or temporary office space and soon as managers learned of the scam they contacted the police. Management has not been able to contact the fake business owners.
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