Crews Continue to Clear Highways

The Highway Department is taking aim at snow piles on shoulders.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Days after the first winter weather storm of the season, crews from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department continue to work. 

The department believes 95 percent of the interstates in central Arkansas have been cleared of ice and snow.  As crews continue to work to clear all roadways, there is a buildup of ice and snow on the shoulders. 
"We're going to continue to watch trouble spots," Danny Straessle with the Highway Department said.

As the warmer temperatures melt the snow piles, the water moves back into the streets, and that's were the problem starts.

"That will refreeze tonight, so we are encouraging motorists to be vigilant on the roadway," Straessle said. "Moving snow and precipitation off the highway is highway maintenance, and that's what we do is maintain the highways."

Straessle says in addition to removing the snow buildups, crews will also be cleaning the highways of sand and salt left behind from the winter storm. 

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