Family Sues Yell County Officer Accused of Breaking Their Son's Arm

Family Sues Yell County Officer Accused of Breaking Their Son's Arm

In the 34 page complaint Mark and Jessica Barnett claim their 13-year-old son's arm was broken by former Danville Police Officer Timothy Spears back in March.
YELL COUNTY, AR - "To a great degree a sense of outrage."

That's how Michael Robbins says his clients feel over an incident laid out in a June 27 federal civil lawsuit against multiple law enforcement agents in Yell County.

In the 34 page complaint Mark and Jessica Barnett, the parents of a 13-year-old, claim their son's arm was broken while in custody at the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center on March 22.

The suit claims that while locked in a cell, other inmates started making sexual comments toward him.

"There were comments about his sister and things that they wanted to do to his older sister and it angered him," says Robbins.

The teen, listed as D.B in the report according to Robbins started kicking the cell door and yelling trying to get help.

But the help Robbins says came in the way of two officers from outside the facility.

"It's my understanding that they were brought in to teach the young man a lesson. So that's what they were there to do and they did it swiftly and with a vengeance," says Robbins.

One of the officers named in the suit, Timothy Spears talked to us shortly after the incident when he didn't know why he was fired. Ge wouldn't tell us what happened, only saying:

"I had to do what had to be done. Today if I was called to do it, I would do it again, a thousand times over."

The claim states Spears grabbed the teen's arm and twisted it, causing the bone to break.

"When an agent or actor of the state commits that kind of harm against a 13-year-old without provocation, without just cause, without being within the limits of the law they need answer for it."

The sheriff, mayor of Danville, the police chief and two other law enforcement officers were named in the lawsuit.

Only the mayor responded saying it's unfortunate this happened but they are dealing with it and hope it turns out good.

New information to add to this is an investigation by the State Police Crimes Against Children that found allegations of child maltreatment by Tim Spears to be true and that it was physical abuse.

To read the complaint filed by Mark and Jessica Barnett in full, see the attached document above.
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