LRPD Looking for 3 Robbery Suspects

LRPD Looking for 3 Robbery Suspects

Police say on Monday afternoon three masked men robbed Skyroad Gas on 65th Street.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Police are looking for three suspects who robbed a gas station on Monday afternoon.

Officers were called to Skyroad Gas at 5105 W. 65th St. around 3:45 p.m. to investigate a report of an aggravated robbery.

When officers arrived they spoke with an employee at the gas station who told them three men (see pictures above) came into the business with their heads and faces covered demanding money.

The worker told police that one of the suspects told him to hurry up and then fired a shot behind the counter.

The man went on to tell police that the suspects left the business with the store's cash.

Surveillance video from the gas station shows that at least two shots were fired inside the business by the suspects.
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