Safety Alert: Drinking and Driving Consequences

Safety Alert: Drinking and Driving Consequences

Teens at Jacksonville High School are getting a hard dose of reality from a video showing what can happen if you choose to drink and drive.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - In tonight's safety alert a hard dose of reality for students at Jacksonville High School.

The teens showing the affects of drinking while driving in a new video.

Students telling the story from the perspective of two old men in jail recalling their time as high school students who choose to drink and drive during prom season.

The scenes involve police, paramedics, and even dead students walking around like zombies. The teen actors say they've learned a lot while filming the video.

"It's a good experience, don't drink and drive at prom. Just go out and have fun and make right decisions," says Lamonterius Gause.

The video will be shown Friday morning at 9:30 in the auditorium for the entire student body.
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