Stranded Driver Reacts To AHTD Response Testimony

Stranded Driver Reacts To AHTD Response Testimony

Driver says he just wants to see improved response efforts across the state.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Thursday, Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department Director Scott Bennett told lawmakers what went wrong during last week's traffic nightmare after a winter storm.

The issues caused major backups.

Jeff James and his family were driving back home from Tennessee, when they were stranded on the side of Interstate 40 for 10 hours.

"The women went 14 straight hours without going to the bathroom whatsoever," said James.

Tuesday, transportation director Scott Bennett told lawmakers the state just doesn't have the resources available to clear roads quickly.

Bennett says the department is now focusing on improving.

"One thing I know we talked about at commission meetings, they want recommendations on how to make things better and making things better really has to do with equipment and personnel. So, we'll keep working on that and come up with a recommendation for them and see where it goes," said Bennett.

James says response efforts must be addressed.

"I would just like to see Arkansas with our tax money keep up with other states and their tax money and how they treat the roads," said James.
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