New Life Jacket Loaning Station Keeps Arkansans Safe

New Life Jacket Loaning Station Keeps Arkansans Safe

Use and return. Arkansas Game and Fish are loaning life jackets to those who forget theirs.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR- If you're spending the holiday on the water and forget your life jacket, the Arkansas Game and Fish has you covered.

It recently unveiled a life jacket loaning station in North Little Rock where folks can borrow them free of charge and return it after use.

About 14 life jackets in various sizes are available at the Verizon boat ramp along the Arkansas River.

People who are out on the water regularly say it's a huge need since people always forget to bring their own or they just can't afford one.

"We see them used. About half of them be gone every weekend, you see them back again," says Randy Billingsley, fisherman.

Arkansas Game and Fish made these available in an effort to keep you safe.
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