Teen Missing for Over Two Weeks Found Safe in Arkansas

Lacey DeWent, 14, of Albuquerque was reported missing more than two weeks ago when she didn't show up for school.
FORT SMITH, AR (KOB) - Family members tell KOB that U.S. Marshals have located Lacey DeWent, the Albuquerque 14-year-old reported missing more than two weeks ago, in Arkansas.

According to DeWent's father, Marshals located DeWent with 26-year-old Robert Butler in Fort Smith.

The family is on their way to the airport to be reunited with their daughter.

Her mother, Jessica DeWent, says Lacey is doing OK and was not harmed.

Daniel DeWent also said authorities took Butler into custody. DeWent and Butler met online and tried to form a relationship, but he was arrested for being in contact with her.

The teen was last seen on March 31 leaving for school. When she never showed up, her parents contacted police. An Amber Alert was issued for DeWent on April 1.

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