Demolition of 13 "Unsafe" Homes Meets Opposition

More than a dozen properties across the Capitol City are on the chopping block as homes determined to be a safety hazard are slated for potential demolition. One group, however, is asking for reconsideration.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The City Board of Directors will decide Tuesday whether to tear down 13 residential structures they call severely dilapidated, deteriorated and/or burned condition.

The first step would be to tear them down, however, a group called "Stop the Demolitions, Little Rock" says turning them into weed lots isn't solving anything.

"Where there are mulitple properties on one block when you tear those down the reuse potential and the opportunity for redevelopment of those properties really falls to almost zero," said Vanessa McKuin with Stop the Demolition.

Tearing down the 13 homes will likely cost the city upwards of $48,000.

The city says they've worked to revitalize communities where they've torn down homes by partnering with organizations like Arkansas Baptist, Habitat for Humanity and Better Community Developers to actually develop homes in some of these places.

To see more on what the city has planned click here and scroll to agenda item 18.
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