Deputies: Woman Driving Drunk Speeds Through Garland Co. Neighborhood on Halloween

Deputies: Woman Driving Drunk Speeds Through Garland Co. Neighborhood on Halloween

Four people were hurt, including one woman whose foot was run over.
GARLAND COUNTY, AR - A Hot Springs woman faces a string of charges after deputies say she was driving drunk on Halloween and sped through a neighborhood hitting cars and one person.

Twila Gail Watson, 27, who told deputies she is 5 months pregnant, had two small children in the car with her during the ordeal.

It happened in the area of Quail Ridge Drive and Covey Rise Trail shortly before 9 p.m. Thursday.

Deputies say Watson was behind the wheel of a Toyota that struck several vehicles as she tried to find her way out of the neighborhood.

According to the incident report, Watson drove to a dead end, hit a small tree and tore up a flower bed before running over a woman's foot. Jennifer Rowton had been walking with her children and fell under Watson's car after being struck. Rowton told deputies Watson's breath smelled like she had been drinking.

Rowton was taken to National Park Hospital, along with Nathan Sanders, who had tried to stop Watson's vehicle by reaching inside for the emergency brake or the keys. He ended up being dragged for about 20 feet before he fell off.

Watson's car kept going until she hit a parked SUV head-on where Christy Ward and her small child were sitting in the back seat. They were both also taken to National Park Hospital.

The conditions of the victims are not known.

After Watson complained of pain, she was taken to Mercy Hospital and held overnight for observation. Deputies say a breathalyzer measured her blood alcohol content at .20 but a blood test was also taken at the hospital with pending results.

Watson told deputies she and her boyfriend had been arguing since 4:00 Thursday afternoon. She said he had gotten out of the car shortly before the incident and she didn't know how to get out of the neighborhood.

The woman said she remembered hitting the woman but not the others.

The children in the car with her were not injured.

Watson has so far been charged with 4 counts of battery 2nd degree and 3 counts of endangering the welfare of a minor.
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