Entergy CEO: Prepare to be Without Power for 5-7 Days

Leaders say customers need to pack enough food, water, and batteries to prepare for the storm.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- On Wednesday, Entergy workers spent the day preparing for a winter weather event.

The company says the storm has the potential to knock out power for five to seven days.

"That doesn't mean all of the customers will be out for five to seven days, the majority will be on much earlier than that. But the length of getting everything wrapped up is five to seven days," President/CEO Hugh McDonald said.

During last year's Christmas day storm, the company says it learned to do as much preparation beforehand. That's why they have mobilized 8,000 workers to respond.

But they tell customers to have patience because when getting the lights back on, preference is given to critical care facilities first.

"That's the way we restore service. We do give priority to hospitals," said transmissions and operations director Brady Aldy.

Although most of the work will be done after the storm hits, the company says evaluation will begin during the storm as well.

"Prepare for a potential significant ice event and that means having flashlights and batteries. Prepare for a potentially cold house," McDonald said.

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