Entergy Crews Are Ready To Get To Work

Entergy Crews Are Ready To Get To Work

Thousands of crews from across the country come to Arkansas to help after the winter storm hits.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Entergy's crews are assembled and ready to work.

In case of power outages, thousands of people will help to get things back in order.

Entergy officials -- using the forecast and past storm experience -- are expecting 2,000 power poles to go down across the state, so this won't be an easy job.

Hundreds of trucks from all across the country rolled into the state fairgrounds in Little Rock throughout the day.

8,000 people will be on hand to help with downed lines and power outages.

Employees will be helping with everything from tree and limb removal to power restoration.

Before beginning though, each person went through a safety class to stay protected in the winter storm.

So now employees say they're ready to get to work.

David Abilez, with ABC Pro Tree Services, said, "Getting trees off the lines, picking up the broken poles and clearing the street so that people can move around and get the power back on."

Crews will be placed in different locations across the state including Little Rock, Conway, Batesville and Russellville, among others.

Once finished in Arkansas, though, most of the crews aren't done.

They'll just move to the next location they're needed.

Many people we talked to say they haven't been home in six to seven months.

Entergy officials say while they don't know how long the power could go out in some homes, it's best to prepare for at least 5-7 days.

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