Family of Murder Victim Wants More Done

Family of Murder Victim Wants More Done

The uncle of the victim in Little Rock's third homicide tells Fox how his family is dealing with the loss.
The baby will never see his father except in pictures.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A family is mourning the loss of Jermaine Humphrey, 24, after he was shot to death Monday.

"He was a good kid," said Reverend Steve Leeks, Humphrey's uncle.

Leeks also said Humphrey was not a bad person despite having been caught up in an argument that cost him his life.

"Are we going to have this problem every 15 days?" he asked.

Humphrey is the third person to be murdered in Little Rock just barely three weeks into the new year.

Leeks asked if enough was being done, and then late Wednesday afternoon, there was a break in the case.

The suspect, Rodterius Gardner, 20, turned himself in.

"We've been dealing with this for years," said Leeks, who lost his younger brother to homicide and now his nephew.

Humphrey, he said, was expecting his first child and was looking forward to becoming a dad.

"The baby will never see his father except in pictures," he said. "Somebody needs to step up, the mayor, or governor and do something about this."

Pictures in place of a father, Leeks said is no substitute.

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