Family of Murdered Man Seeks Answers

It's been five days since 42-year-old Larry Wiley's death and still no answers.
STUTTGART, AR -- The family of a Stuttgart man found dead outside a nightclub early Sunday morning is seeking justice for his murder.

It's been five days since 42-year-old Larry Wiley's death and still no answers.
"They murdered him. It was murder, it wasn't no gun shot," said Ray Lynn Holt, Wiley's mother.
The family is calling Wiley's death a senseless murder. They say they're upset with the way police agencies are handling the investigation and fear for their safety.
"We're not out for revenge," Holt said. "We're out for justice, and I want justice to be done."
Holt was surrounded by family Friday, mourning the loss of her son. Arkansas State Police say he was shot and killed in the parking lot of Pit 33 off Highway 33.
"Until we get justice here in Stuttgart, there's gonna be a lot more deaths," Holt said. "It might be some more of my family members or some other people, but I don't feel like they're doing their part."
Holt is trying to understand what happened the morning her son died. She says the Arkansas County Sheriff's Office and Arkansas State Police aren't contacting the family with information. Wiley's wife Bridgette is even more frustrated.
"Overwhelmed, just overwhelmed because we don't know anything. All we know is he's dead, and that come from second hand people," Bridgette Wiley said.
Bridgette says the family learned about her husband's death through his godson. She says police never contacted them and don't know who ID'd his body. All they know is they're not safe.
"We are being threatened. We're getting death threats, before all this happened they burned our two cars, and I feel like no one is doing anything about it," said Pakita Humphrey, Wiley's sister.
Humphrey admits the threats happened prior to her brother's death. It stems from a murder a few months ago where some people believed Wiley was responsible. But Humphrey says police told the family her brother was not at fault.
"I'll miss seeing him daily," Humphrey said. "I'll miss him at family gatherings. Christmas is Wednesday and he won't be here with his family or his kids."
"I want whoever did this to be locked up," said Bridgette Wiley. "I want them locked up."
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