Feel Good Friday: Little Rock School Starts Cereal Drive

Feel Good Friday: Little Rock School Starts Cereal Drive

Students at Gibbs Elementary School help classmates by donating food they can take home.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Every night, many children across the state go to sleep hungry.

Some of the students at Gibbs Elementary School are trying to change that in their school, one box of cereal at a time.

As the children stood with cereal boxes in hand to donate, they explained their feelings about knowing some classmates don't have enough food.

"It makes me sad that they don't have enough food and they need some," says one student.

"It's unfair that we are like eating and eating and others don't even have food at all," says another.

To help make a difference, the children are encouraging their classmates to bring in boxes of cereal.

And they're getting help organizing the cereal drive from their International Studies Teacher Vicki Gonterman.

"They think maybe that it's going to go out and feed the hungry in Little Rock somewhere, but what it does is it stays right here in the school community because we all have hunger very close to us," Gonterman explains.

Nearly half of the students at Gibbs qualify for free or reduced lunch and the cereal boxes collected go  home with those most in need each weekend.

"It makes me feel good that we're doing the food drive because like we're helping them," another student says.

Their teacher calls it a service learning project. The kids are serving their peers in need while at the  same time learning how close to home the problem of hunger can hit.
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