Few Holiday Returns at LR Target

Store says only four people showed up with a return when the store opened.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Managers at Target on University Avenue got a surprise Thursday morning, finding only four customers arrived with a return when they opened.

"Fortunately for us we haven't had a lot of returns," said executive team leader Danton Gibeson

Gibeson says he expected to have a large crowd, but that wasn't the case.

"Normally people want to come in and get the right items for themselves. But I am actually really surprised that not that many people have showed up." said Gibeson

Shay Champ is one of the people who did have a return and she had the typical holiday return problems.

"Half of the toys my little girl got don't work or I didn't like what I got, so I am returning it so I can get something different," said Champ.

Surprisingly, she got her transaction completed within five minutes.

"I was expecting to be number 101 or something," said Champ.

Managers do want to remind customers to bring their receipts and the item's packaging,

"As long as they have the receipt and the box, we have no problem returning the item and getting what they are looking for," said Gibeson

Managers say in addition to bring your reciept, make sure to read the fine print. That could determine whether or not your return is accepted.

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