Fighting Fires In Icy Weather Dangerous for Responders

Crews say in rural areas, responding can get difficult.
It's difficult and it's dangerous, but we love it, that's why we do it.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The sirens and lights signal firefighters are responding to a call for help, but getting their jobs done can be challenging in icy weather.

Oak Grove assistant fire chief Jeremy Ward says they responded to various calls during the weekend's stormy weather.

Although the department didn't have any major problems, Ward says responding can get dangerous.

"If the roads are real slick, you have a lot of problems with hills that ice over especially in the county. So a lot of the bigger trucks that aren't four-wheel drive, you have to put chains on them," Ward said.

Little Rock firefighters put out a blaze in the city's Dunbar district Friday. The department says during winter weather, they sometimes have to change out crews more often to keep firefighters warm and dry.

Ward says another issue in the weather comes when trying to transport patients.

"If there is someone on the stretcher, you've got that much more weight. So you're trying to watch out for yourself, but also someone else too," Ward said.

Despite the challenges, firefighters say they don't mind helping others.

"It's difficult and it's dangerous, but we love it, that's why we do it," said Ward.
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