Fire Chief Warns of Wildfire Dangers In Dry, Windy Conditions

Fire Chief Warns of Wildfire Dangers In Dry, Windy Conditions

Some Arkansas Counties are under a burn ban.
PULASKI COUNTY, AR -- Because of windy, dry conditions wildfire danger continues escalating across parts of Arkansas.

So, some Central Arkansas firefighters are asking for a burn ban in Pulaski County.

The Quail Creek fire chief and his team helped fight a massive grass fire in Wrightsville on Saturday.

While the cause is unknown, those fighting it say it likely could've been prevented.

After hearing several calls for wildfires, Chief Stephen Feyen knew it would be just a matter of minutes before his team at the Quail Creek Fire Department would be called out too.

Around 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon, the expected call came.

It was a fire -- at first -- thought to be around 200 acres near Highway 365 in south Pulaski County.

But it quickly grew to 2000 acres.

Captain Jimmy Evans said, "Once the wind picked up, it moved pretty good."

Captain Evans says these types of fires are typically preventable.

He said, "If you can feel the wind, don't burn because it means it's going to blow your ash and go anywhere and catch your house on fire."

Chief Feyen says the Arkansas Forestry Commission will likely talk to the Pulaski County judge tomorrow to ask for a burn ban.

The Arkansas counties under a burn ban right now include Franklin, Van Buren, Stone and Independence.

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