Firefighters Working On Christmas

Central Arkansas firefighters worked 24 hours on Christmas Day
LITTLE ROCK, AR - More than a dozen of the Capital City's bravest were stuck at work on Christmas Day.  Firefighters at the Central Station in Little Rock were on the clock, around the clock, working all 24 hours of one of the biggest holidays of the year. 

Gabe Beatty works as a Fire Engineer at the Little Rock Fire Department, he said, "Its a unique career."

"This is kind of our family, our home away from away."

Firefighter Melissa McInturff added, "They are absolutely family.  We live together 10 days out of the month, a third of our lives."

While spending the holiday at the firehouse, some of these firefighters welcomed their family to the station. 

Beatty had his two kids and wife with him on Christmas afternoon, he said, "Its special for me to get to see that, to get to see them doing things, and experiencing things most kids don't."

McInturff was focused on feeding, helping make a Christmas feast for the crew, "This is a new way to cook today, we usually do the turkey and dressing and ham, but we also worked on Thanksgiving, we did that on Thanksgiving, so now we are doing lasagna, and we are hoping its going to turn out."

Other firefighters watched movies to pass the time.  Despite children at play, movies, or food, these guys are always ready to respond. 

McInturff said, "If they call they're having the worst day of their life, and so they call us, and we stop having fun and go help, and do what we can."

Beatty added, "Especially this time of year, it's all about family, and it's good to know, you know, when the bell hits, we get a chance to help somebody's family, and that's good to keep in mind."

The firefighters at the Central Station didn't have many calls on Christmas Day, most of them were simply smoke alarms. 

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