Flooded Homes in England, Arkansas

Flash flooding causes problems for homeowners in England, Arkansas.
ENGLAND, AR -- Record rainfall hits Central Arkansas.

So, if you ventured outside today you heard and saw a lot of rain and at times it seemed it would never stop.

Butch Jeans said, "It looks like we're getting more rain now, it had lightened up a little, but it's coming back down."

Jeans lives off 165 in England.

The flooding water creeped up to his home and eventually got inside.

He said, "This is the first time it's been this bad. I lived in this house for going on six years and that's the deepest I've seen it."

Jeans says city street crews helped by cutting a levee near his home.

The water did inch down, but he says, not enough.

So Jeans rode out the storm at a family member's house waiting for the water to recede and the cleanup work to begin.

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