FOX16 Sports Anchors Ditch Razors, Start No-Shave November

FOX16 Sports Anchors Ditch Razors, Start No-Shave November

The FOX16 sports team is excited to drop the razors and raise awareness.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Now that the costumes are put away and trick-or-treating is over, FOX16's Wess Moore and Jason Snavely are turning their attention to prostate cancer awareness, as they prepare to ditch their razors and let their stubble grow.

Moore and Snavely will participate in No-Shave November, a campaign to raise prostate cancer awareness by letting your hair grow without inhibition.

The FOX16 sports team is excited to put the razors down in order to raise awareness.

"Patrick Pressley with the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation first approached me because he wanted me and my co-workers at 93.3 the Source to participate and promote the awareness campaign," Moore says. "I thought it was a great idea, but I knew I would have to get the bosses at FOX16 to OK the idea. They loved project and what it stands for, so we are combining radio and TV to give No-Shave November and Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation a huge megaphone."

Snavely says he's always wanted to participate, but being on air has hindered his opportunities. This year, he hopes the experience will result in growth that can never be removed by a blade.

"Our News Director, Austin Kellerman, said if we were interested he would encourage us to participate in support of Arkansas prostate cancer awareness," Snavely says. "I immediately jumped at the opportunity to support the great cause, as well as gain a little 'personal growth' in the process. I'm so excited to get the green light and go full-beard ahead."

Part of that experience will be learning what he looks like with facial hair. Excited to support the cause, Snavely says he only has a couple concerns.

"I have never grown a beard before in my life," Snavely says. "My girlfriend is all for it. Then again, she doesn't exactly know what to expect. It may be a scenario where she likes the idea of me growing a beard, but then dumps me the minute I look like a patchy version of Zack Galifianakis," he joked.

Moore says thanks to his wife's support, he doesn't have any worries about letting his beard grow.

"I'm just excited that I don't have to shave, I hate shaving," Moore says. "My wife loves the cause and the fact I'm creating awareness. However, she does not like the facial hair, but she is willing to put up with it for a month. If it looks bad, who cares, this is a great cause."

So be sure to tune in to FOX16 News throughout November to follow their progress as they raise awareness for prostate cancer.
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