Harding Students Remember Classmate Killed in Crash

Harding Students Remember Classmate Killed in Crash

Hundreds of students attend a vigil for Kailey Massey.

SEARCY, AR--Harding University students are coping with the deaths of two students as they head back to class for the spring semester.

Monday students held a vigil remembering 20-year-old Kailey Massey.

Massey died in a car accident on Interstate 30 in Clark county Saturday.

Tyler Gentry, Harding’s Student Association president says, “This just affects you. You don't have emotion of I want to get back in school, you want to see your friends but it's different when not everyone is coming back it's different when there is emotion of hurt and sorrow."

“I was shocked, I can't believe it happened,” says friend Philip Habegger.

“She was a really kind person, a really gentle person and also a lot of fun," he adds.

Massey was a junior, part of Delta Nu women's social club and her classmates remembered her for her love of service and love of God.

Classmates say they fostered relationships with Kailey in the halls of Harding and abroad on a memorable mission trip to Africa.

“I think she would appreciate being remembered as someone who was kind and giving and loved others and that's who she was,” says friend Kaitlin Plachy.

Now they’re being brought together by their love for Kailey. Friends say her unwavering faith and untimely death bringing them even closer together and closer to Christ.

“Her love for God was so personal and so pure we're going to miss her a lot,” adds Plachy.

The school will hold memorial chapel services for Massey on Wednesday January 15th at 9AM and 10AM.



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