Highway Dept. Already Looking to Learn from Latest Storm

AHTD also says storm will have significant impact on budget for winter-related road repairs.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) says motorists have done a good job responding to this winter storm.

AHTD says they noticed considerably lighter volumes of cars out on major highways over the last four days, which made their efforts to treat surfaces and clear ice a little easier.

While work continues, AHTD says it's already looking to learn from this latest winter storm.

"We're always going to sit back and look back, 'What did we do, what could we have done better, what could we have done differently,'" ATHD's Randy Ort says. "We correspond with our surrounding states, find out what they did, what was successful there. So we will be evaluating all that."

AHTD also says the storm will have a significant impact on its budget for winter-related road repairs.
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