Historic Pulaski County Building Destroyed By Fire

Despite the efforts of four different crews to get the flames under control, the Iron Springs Masonic Lodge is a total loss.

PULASKI COUNTY, AR-  A member of the Iron Springs Masonic Lodge, Randy Howard got a fire fighter friend to grab his grandfather's bible from inside before it was engulfed by flames.

"My grandfather was a member of this lodge and past master of this lodge back in the 1950's," he said.

It's slightly charred, but a far cry from  the condition of the rest of the historic building. "It's just devastating," he said.

"There's a lot of historical significance to the building a lot of momentous and photographs that can't be replaced," said Lieutenant Carl Minden with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office

The call, Minden said, came in close to 11 Monday morning.

"At this point it looks like the building is pretty much a complete loss," he said. "The 2nd story already collapsed on the first."

When an older building like this burns, he added, it's safe to say the cause was something electrical.

"Luckily today no one was in the building," said Minden.

Traffic on highway 367 was diverted and those traveling to or from Saline County had to take an alternate route.

"Arch street highway 367 has quite a bit of traffic on it," said Lt. Minden.

Holding meetings at this lodge for close to a hundred years, members must now figure out what to do next.

"Not sure where we'll go right now," said Howard. "We will try to rebuild, the building is insured, so hopefully we can rebuild in the same spot."

They estimate the damage at $70,000.

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