It Took You How Long to Get to Work?

Tuesday morning commute took hours for some drivers in central Arkansas.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The morning drive to work can test the patience of any driver on a good day. Add slick roads, an accident here and there because of the slick roads, and the wait of minutes ticks away to an hour or more.

That's what happened today in central Arkansas as commuters drove into Little Rock from surrounding cities.

Morning commute times were quadrupled for some of them, according to fans on our Facebook page. 

Here's a look at how long it took some of them to get to work today.
  • 2:40 from Howard Perrin Elementary in Benton to Arkansas State Hospital via Hwy. 5
  • 2:00+ from Odom Blvd. in Maumelle to 430 exit
  • 2:00 Benton to Sherwood
  • 2:00 from Springhill Elementary in Bryant to Col. Glenn Rd. in Little Rock
  • 2:00 from Benton to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock
  • 1:50 from Mayflower to Little Rock (usually takes 35-45 min.)
  • 1:45 from Cabot to 65th St. in Little Rock, stop-and-go all the way
  • 1:45 commute that normally takes 25-35 min. (route not given)
  • 1:45 from Benton to downtown Little Rock
  • 1:30 from S. Odom Blvd. in Maumelle to 430 exit
  • 1:30 from Shannon Hills to downtown Little Rock
  • 1:10 (normally 20)
  • 1:00 from Bryant to downtown Little Rock (left at 7 a.m.)
  • :50 Cantrell Rd. to University Ave. in Little Rock
  • Hwy. 67 southbound to Sherwood was "a parking lot." Took 30 minutes to go 2 miles.
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