Jacksonville Reacts to Desegregation Discussion

Jacksonville Reacts to Desegregation Discussion

Jacksonville says agreement could help them with their separation from PCSSD.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- If things go as planned, the desegregation agreement could be a huge breakthrough in Jacksonville's prolonged fight to separate from the Pulaski County Special School District.

It's a proposed settlement to end the 31-year long desegregation case for the three Pulaski County School Districts which include PCSSD, Little Rock and North Little Rock.

If PCSSD can be declared unitary, it would make it easier for Jacksonville to hold an election on the topic of separation.

The group, Jacksonville Education Corps, says separating could lead to more city and state funding, which helps in building new schools and adding other needed improvements.

"It's a monumental day for Jacksonville if that settlement is agreed upon," said Daniel Gray, with Jacksonville Education Corps. "So, we're excited. We're closer than we've ever been before. We said that a few times, but we are even closer today than we were yesterday."

Jacksonville would like to hold an election for the separation no later than September 2014.

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