Guard Pay Delay Expected Until Budget Passes

Guard Pay Delay Expected Until Budget Passes

National Guard Pay submitted to to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service after January 9th will not likely be disbursed until a budget is passed.

CAMP ROBINSON, AR -- The Arkansas National Guard has been notified that all reserve component military pay, excluding Active, Guard and Reserve personnel, will be delayed until a budget or a continuing resolution is passed by Congress.

The current continuing resolution is set to expire on Wednesday.

Pay not submitted before January 9 will be recorded in the pay system, but not disbursed until funding is restored.

A message regarding the delay has been posted to the Arkansas National Guard's facebook page:

"Our chief concern remains the care of our Guard members and families; once the authority to disburse is granted, we will do so in a timely manner.

This issue is not isolated to the Arkansas National Guard; this is a nationwide issue.

Those who drilled Saturday and Sunday will not likely be paid until a budget is passed.

We encourage our Guard members to prepare for delays in direct deposit of military pay."

Over the past two weekends, around 85-hundred Arkansas National Guard members have drilled.

Pay for that service is to be submitted after the January 9th date.

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