Little Rock Apartment Fire 911 Calls

Little Rock Apartment Fire 911 Calls

30 people lost their homes in the blaze at the Out in the Woods complex on Kanis Rd.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - City fire officials have released the 911 calls from this morning's raging blaze at Out in the Woods apartments that swept through an entire building, sending at least 16 apartments up in smoke.

It was a chaotic scene as fire trucks and police cars arrived on the scene and residents were sent out into the cold. 

Ambulances and a city bus were on the scene to help some of them stay warm as firefighters worked to put out the inferno.

While some pets were rescued, sadly others were not.


Dispatch: Little Rock Fire.

Caller: I've got a fire at 9201 Kanis Road. It's in building number five.

Dispatch: Building five?

Caller: 5O, 5J, 5I area, I don't know exactly, my maintenance guy just came running in, and he said 'we've got a fire', is all I can tell you.

Dispatch: Alright it looks like we have it already dispatched, building five.

Caller: So someone called it in?

Dispatch: Yes ma'am.

Caller: So whoever's.... called it in. I wonder which apartment called it in.

Dispatch: It doesn't say what apartment. It just gives building five, fire in the apartment.

Caller: But you don't have a name?

Dispatch: No.

Caller: I was just trying to find out so I know where to go. Start try to make sure and get people out of there. Oh man, I can see the smoke from here. Crap. 

Second Call

Dispatch: "Are you at the apartment that's on fire now?"

Caller: "Yeah, yeah."

Dispatch: What apartment is it?

Caller: 5P.

Dispatch: Who?

Caller: 5P

Dispatch: P as in Paul?

Caller: Come on ... [inaudible]

Dispatch: Sir, are you saying P as in Paul?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatch: Okay. You have everybody out of the apartment?

Caller: Hey, get out, get out, get out we have [inaudible]  Maintenance!
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