Little Rock Boy Has Passion for Community Service

Blake Abston, 14, raised money to build two gardens for kids.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Seeing orphaned and homeless kids his age in the emergency shelter at Methodist Family Health had a profound affect on 14-year-old Blake Abston.  So much so that he launched a project with his Boy Scout troop to make their lives a little better.

"I thought maybe that instead of staying inside all day, they could enjoy some outdoor time," he said.

Blake raised money to build two gardens for the kids. Then, one day earlier this year, he organized family, friends and his Boy Scout troop to visit the shelter and put in the work.

"The best part was when all the children in the home came out and started helping plant them and build," he said.

The shelter kids got a lesson in farming and nutrition, and Blake was honored for his work with a Prudential Spirit of the Community Award during a presentation in Washington, D.C.

"I knew that I was doing something good for the community, and I had so much fun doing it," Blake said. "It was just a great time."
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