Local Plumbers Battle Bursting Pipes

Local Plumbers Battle Bursting Pipes

As the Natural State thaws, homeowners are dealing with piping problems.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Following several days of near record cold temperatures, much of Arkansas is beginning to thaw out. 

With warmer temperatures, a problem is showing up for homeowners.  Freezing temps, leads to bursting pipes, meaning many folks are without running water.

Joe Fore has been without water for days.

"No, it's not something you want to do," he said. "Let's see there's three women that live in the house and one man, and you can't do dishes, you can't do laundry, there's towels all over the floor to sop up the water constantly."

Fore and his family were forced to get inventive. 

He said they're collecting water for the day's rain.

"We've had water buckets out since the start."

Russell and LeMay Plumbing and Heating in Little Rock has gotten around 400 to 500 calls for busting pipes.

"You feel bad you can only do what you can do," said plumber Justin Heath who was working on Fore's piping. "You're one person. You know what you can do to fix it, you know if you can, or can't fix it."

Heath it's not an easy job, but for this storm, finding the problem has been pretty simple.

"Most of them are gaping holes in the copper," he said.

Heath did say he believes the problems should be coming to a close.

"I actually think we've already reached the peak of it, and we're on the tail end of it," he said.

Heath did not give Fore and his family good news on Thursday. Fore's home will require a total piping overhaul.

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