Local Police Report No Alcohol-Related Accidents on NYE

Local Police Report No Alcohol-Related Accidents on NYE

Crime stats released by Little Rock Police Department.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Police and sheriff's deputies promoted their "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" Campaign this holiday season and it appeared to have helped.

Little Rock police say they're still putting together the numbers, right now though, we're told officers arrested three people for DWI this New Year's Eve and they didn't work any alcohol related accidents.

People partied like it was 2014 on Tuesday.

But officers reminded people to make a plan before they went out and it seems most people took that advice.

Lt. Sidney Allen said, "We didn't have any traffic accidents related to drunk driving last night."

Little Rock police say they did arrest three drunk drivers.

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department deputies say they made no arrests for DWI.

Lt. Allen said, "I would like to say it's due to increased patrols. We had a lot of officers out, but of course you can't measure prevention. But one of those things we had was officers out patrolling neighborhoods."

Some local law enforcement officers called New Year's Eve a silent night.

They said people apparently listened to their don't drink and drive campaigns and decided to use things like taxi cabs and other services to get home safely.

Tim Moody with J-Hook Towing offered people a ride and a tow for $25 on New Year's Eve.

It's a service that usually costs $75.

Moody said, "At midnight we got some calls and took some people home and we got people home safely."

He was happy to oblige, although it didn't make him a profit, Moody says it gave him peace of mind.

"I think people are actually getting a little smarter. They're starting to be safer," he said.

Using common sense and staying off the roads when you drink is something officers would like to see happen all throughout the new year.

Pulaski County Sheriff's deputies say they didn't make any arrests for public intoxication, but Little Rock police arrested a handful of people for that crime.

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