Local Stores Ready for Final Christmas Rush

Small boutiques are hoping for a last minute shopping rush.
Little Rock, AR - The final shopping days of the holiday season are here.  Smaller local stores around Central Arkansas are hoping for the final rush of last minute shoppers. 

Some Hillcrest stores are still trying to rebound from the winter weather of early December. 

Erin Hohnbaum, owner of E.Leigh's in Little Rock, said, "We're hoping for the next two days to really push us over the edge and push us to at least where we need to be for the holiday season."

For some boutiques longer hours was the answer to lost days because of snow and ice. 

Jessica Davis, co-owner of The Shops on Woodlawn, said, "Actually for the last two weeks we have stayed open late and it has been phenomeanal.  This is one of the best Christmases we have had in years."

Hohnbaum said the retailers weren't the only ones hit hard, "There's the sense of urgency, now towards the end where people have just let their shopping get away from them."

Holly Krepps shopped at The Shops at Woodlawn, she drove more than 100 miles to get to Little Rock.  Krepps was stuck at home in Jasper for more than a week.

She said, "When you live on a mountain this is very exciting, so there's no stress involved this is just pure joy, and getting to see friends, getting to shops that I used to come to a lot, neighborhood stores, it's really important to me to do local shopping, so this is very exciting to be back in town.  It's civilization."

Most of the smaller stores in the Hillcrest area of Little Rock will be open on Christmas Eve. 
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