Lottery to Consider Allowing Purchase of Tickets with Debit Cards

Officials looking for ways to curb slumping sales.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery is looking at allowing the use of debit cards to increase struggling ticket sales.

Lottery officials could approve the idea at their next meeting in January, and if they do, the legislature would be the next hurdle to clear.

Lawmakers were presented with data detailing the performance of the lottery, which showed that after four years, almost $390 million have gone to college scholarships.

They are also seeing sales start to slip, which could negatively impact that number if the trend continues. Hence, the look at debit cards, allowing those without cash to play.

Many lawmakers say they haven't made up their mind, but are already hearing from retailers.

"A couple of them have mentioned to me that they're not sure right now that it's even worth doing," Rep. Kelley Linck says. "They're not sure it brings people into their stores and that it's a profitable thing for them. If we add cost to it, I'm afraid we'd see turnover increase."

Linck adds if retailers decide they don't want it, the state probably shouldn't move forward with the idea.
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