LR Student Scores Perfect on ACT

Thirty-six is the highest score that can be made on the ACT.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Don't you remember the feeling when you scored a 100 percent on a test?

It's even sweeter when that test is the one that perhaps determines where you go to school and how much money you get.

Parkview High School Senior Deborah Rookey scored a perfect 36 on the ACT.  The last time she took it she made a 35.

She chose to take it again because she didn't feel well while taking the test previously.

She's glad she did.

Rookey has advice to other students who dread taking it.

"If you have some confidence and say, 'I'm going to go in and take the test and if I don't do well, I'll take it again.' You're probably going to score higher than if you would freaking out thinking it's your last shot," Rookey said.

Rookey has three schools in mind where she'd like to attend, but she said it all depends on money.

She wants to major in chemistry and go to law school.
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