Man Arrested after Police Chase on Arkansas-Louisiana Border

Christopher Staley, 38, of Wilmar jailed on a string of charges.
BASTROP, LA (KTVE) -- An Arkansas man is behind bars after taking police on a 30 minute chase through two states Sunday morning.

Morehouse Parish (Louisiana) Sheriff Mike Tubbs said around 8:30 a.m., his agency was notified by the Ashley County (Arkansas) Sheriff's Office of a man being chased by deputies over the stateline and into Morehouse Parish.

Tubbs said Christopher Staley, 38, of Wilmar (Drew County) was running from police after possibly being connected to theft and fraud in Ashley County.

Once in Morehouse Parish, Staley came upon a dead end road, but Tubbs said the man decided to ram into two Morehouse Parish Sheriff units with his SUV. The chase continued once more. Tubbs said no deputies or officers were hurt in the chase.

The man led police through secluded areas of the parish, but eventually came back onto a main road. Tubbs said they deployed spike strips to slow him down once he made it into Bastrop. Staley lost control after driving over the strips, and came to a stop near the courthouse.

Here's a list of the man's charges from Sunday's chase:
  • 2 counts of Agg. criminal damage to property
  • 3 counts of Agg. Obstruction of a Highway
  • 1 count of Agg. Flight from an Officer
  • 2 counts of Attempted Battery of an Officer
  • DWI
  • Driving with a suspended driver's license
Tubbs said the man had a pocket full of gift cards, which may be tied to the possible fraud and theft charges he faced in Ashley County. Deputies charged him with DWI because they suspected he was under the influence of methamphetamine.

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