Man Says NLR Car Wash Damaged Vehicle, Manager Responds

Man Says NLR Car Wash Damaged Vehicle, Manager Responds

Man says damage estimated around $250.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A Central Arkansas man says an automatic carwash caused damage to his car, but the owner of the business says it's not his fault.

Mike Worthy says Sunday while going through the assembly at Splash Car Wash, something strange happened.

"My car jumps off the track, and basically I am stranded in the car for five to 10 minutes, as all the foam and soap is moving all around me," Worthy said.

He said the attendants had to figure out what to do.

"A bunch of gentlemen came and turned off the carwash and lifted my car and put it back on the tracks," Worthy said.

He said eventually the car did come out of the bay, but not before causing damage to the body.

Worthy has already fixed majority of the problems, however he tells FOX16 when he asked the onsite manager about reimbursement, he got an unexpected response.

"Management claimed that equipment can never malfunction, and it's impossible for any type of equipment to malfunction. Everything coming out of this manager's mouth was totally absurd, we knew we would have to get legal involved," Worthy said.

The owner of the business, Paul Stagg, responded.

"The driver must have, consciously or subconsciously, steered the car off the conveyor. That's the only variable that would have caused this to happen in this particular situation. We allowed the car to go back through the car wash and things worked out fine. We would be happy to speak with this customer at any time."

Worthy says he plans to seek civil action for the $250 worth of damage.
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