Man Wants Safe NYE After Being Hit By Accused Drunk Driver

Mom now has serious brain damage.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Drunk driving victim want drivers to be safe for New Years Eve Celebrations.

Trevor Ware got hit by an accused drunk driver in September 2012 and describes his life in one word: hard.

He has serious brain damage and relies on a wheelchair to get around.

"I don't know what's going on at all times. I can't get a job. I can't walk or get a job. I can't be productive," said Ware.

His mom now helps him with everyday tasks.

"He's just been slowly making a recovery. It's been a slow process," said Pamela Ware.

What happened to trevor is the main reason why he and his mom encourage people to make good choices while celebrating the holidays.

"It's not the issue of drinking. It's the issue of responsibility. Trevor is paying for someone else's. So make your choice ahead of time," said P. Ware.

Managers at JHook towing are offering people a ride home, with their vehicles in tow, for a discounted price for new years.

"We are going to take you and your car home," said General Manager Tim Moody.

For those who do get behind the wheel intoxicated, police will be waiting.

"If you are drinking and driving, you will get caught and you will be pulled over," said Little Rock police Lt. SIdney Allen.

But trevor just hopes people will use his story to make the right choice.

"Don't drive drunk. You might kill someone. You might ruin someone's life," said T. Ware.

For a ride home through JHook with your car, call 955-2400.

For a ride home with a taxi, tell the bartender at participating locations you would like a cab through the Safespeed program.
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