Neighborhood Streets Still Slick in Little Rock

Capital City crews are planning to try to clear up neighborhood streets.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Crews have been working extra hours clearing the ice and snow off streets in the Capital City.  The Little Rock Police Department and the City of Little Rock agreed most of the major streets are now passable.  The city now plans to focus on the neighborhood roads.

Lieutenant Sidney Allen from the LRPD said, "Many of those residential neighborhoods are still a solid sheet of ice."

Even so, many residents are concerned about conditions on their block.

Anson Reaves lives in a neighborhood off of Cantrell Road, he said, "It is what it is, but yeah its frustrating, I understand it is a difficult situation, but like I said they need to spend the money on salt, and quit playing around with that sand."

Reaves neighbor, Liz Smith added, "I'm hoping that it's clear enough by Monday that I can at least get my car out of the driveway."

Both Liz and Anson ventured out of their house on Saturday.

Smith said, "Getting back into our neighborhood is pretty scary."

Reaves used some ingenuity to get beyond his front porch.

"I just drove out of my driveway backwards, and I'm just going to go around the hill, and go out that way, that's how we do."

But Little Rock is promising progress on the lesser traveled roads.

Lt. Allen said, "The city crews are still out trying to remove the ice from now the neighborhood and residential areas."

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola said the crews will continue making roads safer, "This is the first hit.  We'll probably have a couple more of these throughout the course of the winter.  I can promise the citizens that we are doing everything we can to keep them safe and get these roads clear so they can travel to and from safely."

Stodola said that crews will work around the clock to continue clearing city streets. 

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