Neighbors On Edge After Two Murders In Two Days

Police are looking for suspects in two Little Rock homicides.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Police are still looking for a Christmas Eve murderer.

Someone shot 23-year-old Austin Burks on Tuesday and whoever did it, is still on the loose.

According to the police report, Burks' girlfriend dropped him off when she saw a man -- in a burgandy Nissan Maxima -- pull up and open fire.

Tonight, people living in the neighborhood are on edge as they anxiously await for the capture of the suspect.

Residents in the 1500 block of Adams Street regret having to see yellow crime tape surrounding their homes this holiday.

One woman, who didn't want to be identified, told us, "All I heard was some shots, then I looked out the door and saw homeboy laying on the ground."

The people we talked to in the neighborhood today, didn't want to reveal their identities in fear of retaliation.

But they tell us crime doesn't stop for Christmas, especially not in their neighborhood.

One man said, "Hell no it ain't a safe neighborhood, but what one is? These fools running around killing each ain't nothing safe when you're sitting at the front of your house and you get shot."

Less than half a mile away, just two days ago, there was another murder in the same area.

Jammie Ingram says someone killed her little brother Verico on 5th and Abigail.

He was found slumped over the wheel of a car.

She said, "I don't think he deserved to die the way he died. It's not the right thing to do just for a little chump change. It was nothing, it was nothing."

If you know anything about these murders call LRPD.

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