New Effort to Address Truancy in Little Rock

Road signs will tell citizens to call specific number.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- A new effort is underway to address truancy in Little Rock.

Road signs will soon go up, addressing the city's truancy problem. It gives citizens a number to call to report their concerns.

A Fox16 report in July showed more than 1,200 kids missed between seven and nine or more days last school year.

Yolanda Radcliff lives on Battery Street in Little Rock and wants the best for the city's youth.

"I believe if you motivate our children and keep our children educated, they won't have this down time or slack time," Radcliff said.

Little Rock school leaders say the program is so important because it keeps kids in class and off the streets, therefore helping them to become productive citizens.

But Radcliff says the campaign will only work if community members use the number.

A special committee is still trying to figure out exactly where the signs will go. If you would like to give your input, call city hall or the school board office.

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