New Women's Emergency Shelter To Open In North Little Rock

The Van to open up a new place for homeless and abused women.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- An emergency shelter for women and children in central Arkansas will be opening soon.

A non-profit organization -- called The Van -- just bought a home that will be used for women on the streets or those in abusive relationships.

The women and their children can stay at the home that's in North Little Rock until something more permanent is arranged.

Volunteer Jerusalem Greer said, "So to have some place that is so immediately available regardless of the reason you're in the situation you're in, I think is going to be a huge help to our community."

There are many things needed to get the home ready including everything from towels and sheets to diapers and blankets.

If you would like to donate, click here, and go to the registry for The Van House 1.

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