Owe Fines in Saline County? Your State Tax Return Might be Tapped

If you are 180 days or more behind paying fines, restitution, or bond payments to the Saline Co. Sheriff's Office, your name will go on the list.
BENTON, AR (News release) - The Saline County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) will begin taking steps to collect outstanding fines and fees.  

The SCSO will be submitting a list of people who are 180 days or more delinquent on fines, restitution, or bond payments to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.  

ADF&A will then withhold any and all monies available from their state tax return, and apply those amounts to outstanding fines. This procedure is made possible by Arkansas Code Annotated § 26-36-301.

A letter will be sent out the second week of January to the last known address of those people owing fines or restitution. Those people will have 30 days to request a hearing to appeal the decision or funds will be withheld from their state tax return.

To avoid having their refund routed to past due fines, they must begin making payments to the SCSO.
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