Paragould Police Alert Public to Facebook Scam

Beware of anyone claiming you've won a large sum of money and then asking for personal information.
PARAGOULD, AR (News release) - On Monday December 16, 2013 the Paragould Police Department was notified by a citizen of a scam making its way around Facebook.

The scam involves the sender of the message telling the intended victim that they have won a large sum of money from some sort of Facebook promotion. The person running the scam then tells the victim that they will need to give their email and password, their personal information along with names of relatives, their Facebook account name and password. 

All of the above things should be "red flags" to anyone using Facebook for many reasons. (1) Facebook would not need you to give them your account name and password......they already have it. (2) there is no need for you give out your family members names if you have won anything (3) Facebook knows where you live because of the information you list when you sign up so there is no need to give them your address....Country..etc. This is just a few of the "red flag" questions that are being asked. 

There have even been reported instances where someone on your friends list will contact you stating that they have won this money as well and they will send you to this site to "claim" your winnings. This is not true, and is a case of someone's friend list being compromised and the scammer using them to make their claim more believable.

Paragould Police wants everyone to be aware of this and to remind you, do not ever give out personal information to anyone unless you are 100 percent certain who you are talking to.

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